Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Garland Project

This year's window decor is a DIY project that I have been wanting to make! I ordered Pom Poms from Hobby Lobby and adorable string!

Here are my supplies: 

First, Measure the string to the length that you need. Remember to leave extra in case you are going to have it drape & extra for the end to tie or wrap around something. Cut string to desired length. Tie a knot on one end.
Thread the needle with the string. If you are using a thicker string like I used, you will have to use a large needle.
Push needle & string through first pom. Push the Pom down to the end where the knot is.
Continue to push the needle through the Poms in the desired pattern that you choose. I went with Green, then silver, then red. Just a simple pattern. You could definitely go into more detail with fun patterns. 

I spaced my pom pom's about 4-5" apart. But this is also up to you, you could space further apart or closer, depending on the look you want.

After filling up my entire string, I tied off my final end in a knot.

I carried my long garland to the window & started on one end by lightly tying it over the rod a few times so that it wouldn't fall off. Then tying the other end to the rod on the other side. Finally, I placed the middle in the center of the rod where there is a clip that it could hang off of.  

(Dining room)

I made one for my large living room window & another for my small dining room window.

Fast, easy, inexpensive and adorable Christmas decoration for my windows!! It would also look great on a mantel as well.   This could also be made in other colors for a baby room, other holidays or any festivity!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed learning about how to make a pom pom garland!
Comment with any questions you may have!

Choose Happy!

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