Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Saturday Staycation

What's a Staycation you ask? 

A Staycation is an adventure you take or fun things you do with a loved one, friend or family that is close to your home. Enjoying the things that are close to where you live, that you might not normally on a regular basis. It also saves money, because you will be spending less on gas to get to your destination!

Here are some FUN Staycation ideas:
-Go to the movies
-Go for a hike at a local park
-Go bowling
-Visit a farmers market
-Visit a nearby city & check out all of the favorite things you did as a child in that city
-Play mini golf
-Go swimming at the lake near your community
-Go for a bike ride on trails near your home
-Go to the zoo
-Make a waterpark in your backyard
-Camp in your backyard

Be adventurous, try things you don't normally do, ask your kids what they would love to see & do. You can make your Staycation just as much fun, if not MORE fun than a vacation FAR away from  home. 

Staycations can be FREE as well, you can go to the local library, go for a walk, go to a park, have a scavenger hunt in your backyard, or check out a museum on a Free pass day! Make it your own and you will have a grand time!

We had a blast with the kids this past Saturday on our Staycation in Eau Claire, WI. We had a list of places we wanted to try to see, but knew that it was possible with 2 small children that we wouldn't fit it all in.

We started off our morning with donuts from our local bakery! Mmmm

The kids are ready to go!

After breakfast, we headed to Eau Claire to the Children's Museum. It was a busy place, as it was a gorgeous spring day. Everyone was ready to be out & about.

After a few hours playing at the Children's museum, we decided to skip the library & head to Hu Hot Mongolian BBQ for lunch. It was delicious.

A little shopping for mommy & play time at the Oakwood Mall play area & we were ready to head to Action City!

We even got to meet the EASTER BUNNY at the Children's Place store! The kids were so excited!

Action City has a little bit of everything from arcade games, bowling, laser tag, go karts, mini golf, batting cages & more! The place was PACKED! We had a great time!

After a long busy day, we decided we better find some supper before we headed home. As we knew both of the children would fall asleep in the car.

We had a yummy wood fired pizza dinner at Fired Up Pizza and headed home. And just like we thought, the kids fell asleep at 6:30pm and slept till morning!

Our Staycation day to do list: 
1. Children's Museum- Check
2. Eau Claire LE Phillips Public Library - Didn't get there, on our list for next time!
3. Hu Hot Mongolian BBQ for lunch - Check
4. Oakwood Mall - Shopping & Playland - Check
5. Action City - Check
6. Out to dinner - Check {delicious wood fired pizza at Fired Up Pizza}

This was our first Staycation of 2014 and I look forward to enjoying many more! I am usually one to go go go and want to go further away to enjoy a weekend of fun. I am realizing that we have so many amazing things to offer that are right out our back door.

Thanks for reading & I hope you will plan a Staycation soon!

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  1. I love staycations, especially with little ones because it's always nice when they can sleep in their own beds. Looks like you guys had a great day! (Visiting from the SITS FB group.)

    1. Thank you Pearls, we did have a great day & Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Looks like a blast of a day! I love staycations...I am a total homebody! :)

    1. We had a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sounds like a great day! I love exploring our own city. So many things to do and easy on the budget. :)

    1. I know, we decided we need to explore more around where we live!


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