Monday, May 19, 2014

Currently {vol.9}

Currently {Vol. 9}

 I have recently started reading A Mama Collective and just love her blog. She has started a series called: Currently. This series is just a regular, every day post about what is going on in her world that day. So, I am joining in the fun with her Currently series!

Thinking about: The long weekend ahead. We have no solid plans & I am VERY excited about it! I can't wait to play outside, go to the park, work on my gardens & go for walks! I just realized, it's only Monday...and I am dreaming of Friday! ha

Also, thinking about my son's 6th birthday party coming up. How can he be almost 6? It feels like I just had him. He is so excited for his Nerf gun themed birthday party! 

Reading:  Starting this book this week. We went through some of my Aunt Nan's things this past Saturday and everyone thought it would be a good book for me! My Aunt Nan passed away a few years ago from Cystic Fibrosis. I miss her everyday and her positive attitude about life!

Laughing about: This photo tonight. My husband asked me to help him for a minute. Our dryer wasn't working the best, so we decided we should clean out the dryer vent. Our dryer vent goes all the way across our house, so we had to figure out a way to get a dryer vent brush all the way through. I was downstairs & he was outside. He told me to push the string through and then pull it back. This is what I looked like after I pulled it back. Oops! I laughed. What could I do? haha

Listening to: ESPN as usual! haha  Tonight, it's baseball!

Thankful for:Our wonderful, yet busy weekend! 

Friday evening, I enjoyed this delicious steak at Wildfire after a long day of travel & set up in Chicago for work. 

Saturday morning, I walked in the CF walkathon with my family. We raised over $45,000 at the Eau Claire CF walk. This was our team!

 Saturday evening, we celebrated my cousins! My cousin Marci graduated with her PhD from Madison & my cousin Mike graduated from Medical school. I am so proud of them! I love this picture of my cousin Marci & my friend Jess & I. It truly depicts how much we enjoy being together!

Sunday, we enjoyed watching our kids at the Gymnastics Extravaganza! They are getting so big!

Wishing: {Weekly Wish List for Sh*t I want to get done}
 This week: 
1. Get back to my working out goal of 4 days per week. 
2. Finally, Clean my closet this weekend like I said I would last week! 
3. Clean out my flower beds & get my garden boxes finished
4. Read more!

Last weeks wish list: 
1. CF Goal-- YES! My family raised $1200
2. Finish getting everything ready at work to drive to Chicago & set up a large show at McCormick Place. -YES, I made it to Chicago and back all in one piece!
3. Workout at least 4 days this week. --I did 3 days...oops!
4. Organize my closet...It needs help! --Haven't had time to get there yet, this weekend I am hoping to

My favorite Quote of the Day:
The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life & making the most of every day.

Tonight's post is linked up with A Mama Collective - Currently

Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed learning about a little bit of randomness about me!

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  1. Oh my favorite part about the nicer weather is parks and walks! I am so looking forward to that too. I might be with you on the Friday it Friday yet? :)

    1. It's ALMOST Friday!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. What a full and beautiful life you live.
    Great post. Great pictures.
    Loving the long weekend coming up too.
    I wish it wasn't so warm here. But I can't complain.

    1. Awww. Thank you Emily. I am very lucky & blessed.
      We are hoping for warmer weather soon! Today was nice!

  3. What a blessings and sweet memory of your aunt for your whole family to team up, raise money and walk in support of a cure for CF. I have a friend that died far too young from CF, leaving twin daughters behind. So glad you are raising money to support a great cause.

    1. Thank you Mary. What a sad story about your friend. Another reason that I will continue to raise money for this organization to find a cure & medication that will lengthen CF patients lives.

  4. Looks like last weekend was a blast! Oh, I forgot it was a long weekend coming up! Wonderful!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! I am so ready for the long weekend!

  5. Love the addition of "laughing about"! So funny. Love your photos and your sweet blog! :)

    1. Awww Thanks Amy!! Thanks for stopping by :)


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