Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Bucket List

Happy December!

Have you started your Christmas Bucket List? Do you make one? Every year, my kids & I love to make our Christmas Bucket list of the things we want to do during the month of December before Christmas arrives! 

Below you will find our 2014 Christmas Bucket List which is a FREE Printable as well!


 Making memories with my family & continuing our family traditions mean so much to me. I love seeing my kids eyes light up every single year when we do these same activities that we all know & love. 

We also have a Christmas Countdown/Advent calendar that I made last year with an old frame from the second hand store, some paper snack bags, mini clothes pins & stamps! This year's theme for our Advent calendar is Random Acts of Kindness. Each day our kids will pull out the piece of paper with an Act of Kindness that they need to do that day.




It was an easy project & my kids LOVE opening up the bag to see what's inside!

What is on your December Bucket List?


  1. I really love that advent calendar. I didn't make one this year, but did last year. It wasn't one we could reuse year to year, tho. We are doing the chocolate one, tho. I always make a fall and summer bucket list, but never a Christmas bucket list. I could just copy yours, I love everything on it!

    1. Thank you Carrie! Yes, I would LOVE it if you used ours!!!!!!


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