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Christmas Traditions & Meaningful Ornaments

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is just around the corner! As everyone is finishing up their Christmas shopping, decorating, baking and packing...I was thinking about what our family Christmas traditions were and contemplating what new traditions I wanted to make with our children this year!

Traditions that we have always done with our family are:  

*As I mentioned in my Christmas tour post, one of my favorite traditions is cutting down our Christmas tree!  I love riding in the sleigh, cutting down the tree and having a fun day with our kids.

*Reading our favorite Children's Christmas books throughout the month of December

*Watching our favorite Christmas movies- A Christmas Story, The Grinch, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman & my favorite: White Christmas!

*Going to Christmas Eve mass at 4pm at the church I grew up going to. This year's mass is in remembrance of my Aunt Barb, Uncle Bill and Aunt Nan that have all passed away.

*Spending time at each side of the family. We attend at least 6 family Christmas events each year between immediate and extended family. I love seeing everyone & seeing the excitement in the children's eyes.

*Driving around to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve night and coming home to see that Santa has arrived. This tradition was started by my parents when I was a little girl, so I have just kept it going! (this is our house this year)

*Wrapping most of the gifts a couple days before Christmas- OOPS. This is a tradition I want to fix next year. I really need to get wrapping!

*Making our favorite Christmas goodies!

*Christmas Pajamas! Over the last few years I have bought the kids Christmas pajamas, this year my mom made them pajamas similar to some that I saw in a Pottery Barn kids catalog! They are adorable, including the matching set for my daughter's doll.

New traditions that we plan to try this year: 
*Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendar- This was our first year! I made it in late November just in time to start on December 1st. 

*Giving our children an experience gift & not as many toys. We are taking our kids to the Mall of America in a week or so to go to the Sea Life Aquarium, ride rides at Nickelodeon Universe & stay overnight at a hotel! Our kids are going to be so excited! (We have free tickets for the Aquarium & a free night's hotel!!)

*Cooking a big Christmas breakfast to enjoy with our children on Christmas morning! This year we are going to make Overnight Pecan French Toast & Bacon! Mmmm      

*Spending Christmas morning & early afternoon just enjoying the kids new toys & relaxing. This will be our first year not having a place to go right away, so we can actually relax and enjoy each other!

 Meaningful Ornaments

Everyone decorates their tree in their own way. Some people decorate their tree in a certain color or theme each year. I love those trees as well. We decorate our tree with our favorite meaningful ornaments from our childhood on. Each year we order or buy a new ornament to add to the collection!

Here are a few of our favorite meaningful ornaments:

 This ornament is from my uncle. He gave all the nieces & nephews these ornaments after Nan passed away 2 years ago. I miss her smile and I love seeing her beautiful smile on the tree.

This ornament is from when I was in preschool. It reminds me of how I loved to be creative at such a young age.

This ornament was purchased this year from Lisa Leonard Designs! I love it!

This ornament was purchased a few years ago. I just love the hand carved nativity! A beautiful reminder about the real meaning of Christmas!

Now you know a little bit about our Christmas traditions & favorite ornaments! How do you decorate your tree & what are your favorite Christmas traditions with your family? I would love to hear about them in the comment section below!!

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!

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