Friday, August 29, 2014

Did you check off your Summer Bucket List?

How is your Summer Bucket List coming along?
 Have you checked off your list? What would you still like to finish?

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Let's start off with a few of our FAVORITE things we have checked off! We have slowly but surely been working on them all summer!

Check out a new park - We visited Devils Lake state park a few weeks ago. What a gorgeous State park. We will definitely go back!

Swimming at the lake- Even though Lake Superior is cold, we still love swimming in it!

Go camping -The kids enjoyed their first camping trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Plant a vegetable garden- This was our raised bed garden this year. It did ok, we need to move it next year because it didn't get enough sunlight.

Nature hike - We went on plenty of nature hikes this summer! This one was at Willow River State Park!

Waterpark - We had a blast with our friends at Wild Mountain waterpark earlier this month!

Fireworks- We enjoyed fireworks on the 4th of July in Cornucopia, WI

Mini golf- He decided he would leave his helmet on for mini golf! ha

Go fishing- Awww. The kids are learning to like fishing with their daddy!

Make S'mores- Yum! Oh how I love S'mores.

Watch a parade - We watched the parade in my hometown in June.

Go to the local pool- The kids had a blast at the pool!

Have a campfire - Lake Superior campfires are the best!

Many of these items on the list have happened, we just didn't have camera's on hand to capture the moment, but we still enjoyed them!!

Our list of what we haven't finished...
1. Make Popsicles - That is still doable 
2. Pick Strawberries- We bought 2 buckets from a local strawberry patch
3. Build a fort outside- This is also still doable
4. Catch fireflies - We have seen fireflies at night, we just haven't tried to catch them!
5. Visit a zoo - Never got a chance to get to the zoo. We went to the county fair to see the animals, does that count? ha

25 out of 30 is pretty good in my book! And who knows, we may still finish most of our list! Summer isn't over yet!

So, I would love to hear... What do you still need to finish on your summer bucket list? What was your favorite bucket list item you finished?  

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  1. Wow, I'd say 25 out of 30 is fantastic! We didn't do a bucket list this summer. My husband started a new job right at the beginning of summer so he didn't have ANY time off. But next year, I'm definitely going to give this a try!

    1. Thanks Jessica! That is a great idea. Thanks for stopping by!


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