Thursday, October 23, 2014

Choosing Happiness Link Up - Day 4

Good Morning & Welcome to Choose Happy!

Today is the fourth day of my Choosing Happiness Link Up Party. This Link Up is intended to learn more about what makes everyone happy, what happiness is to different people & learn how we can share our happiness with those around us. I hope this post series inspires you to Choose Happiness & to help spread it those around you. This link up will take place every Thursday from October 2nd through November 6th.

What is my Happiness Story this week?

Is it sad that I am at a loss for words tonight? I have had a cold all week and am in a bit of a mental fog.

I don't have one BIG happiness story of the week per say, but I do have some nice Happy Highlights from our week.

1. A good friend of mine had taken her son to the Mayo Clinic for a weekend of testing. Praise the Lord he doesn't have some of the major disorders that the doctors once predicted. His brain scans are still questionable, but for now he is acting like a normal healthy boy. God is good!

2. Another friend of mine that lives far away, had beautiful twins earlier this week at 35 weeks. They are beautiful, healthy and starting to nurse. Seeing her pictures today melted my heart after her long, grueling pregnancy growing two healthy babies. 

3. I enjoyed a Free Essential Oil Post Convention conference in Minneapolis, MN with fellow  reps. Listening to the key note speakers talk about how essential oils have changed their lives, the many success stories, and the 600 other people in the audience gave me the extra oomph to tell more people about these AMAZING oils! I have been using essential oils  for the last 2 years & am so thankful that I am able to use them on my family and share them with those close to me. It is amazing how they work & we use a lot less medications.

4. Earlier this week, I was emailed by the Community Manager at Chairish, which is a website that resells vintage furniture. She asked me to create a style board using pieces that they selected and create a blog post about it. They will be sharing their favorite's on social media! I am so excited for this opportunity & look forward to seeing the pieces they have selected!

5. Saturday afternoon, I enjoyed a girls day with the women in my husband's family. We shopped at small town shops, we enjoyed wines at a few wineries & had dinner together. Much needed day of laughter & fun with family! Possibly too much fun! ha

Thank you so much for joining me today & listening to my random Happiness!
 Have a wonderful week!

Next week's topic idea: Your favorite Happiness quotes & what they mean to you?

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  1. What a great series! I hope you continue doing these so I can try to participate now that I know about them :)

    1. Thank you Julie!!!!! Come join me this week Thursday for my last link up. Last week's is still up as well!


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