Thursday, October 2, 2014

Choosing Happiness Link Up Party - Day 1

Good Morning & Welcome to Choose Happy!

Today begins the first day of my Choosing Happiness Link Up Party. This Link Up is intended to learn more about what makes everyone happy, what happiness is to different people & learn how we can share our happiness with those around us. I hope this post series inspires you to Choose Happiness & to help spread it those around you. This link up will take place every Thursday from October 2nd through November 6th.

What does happiness mean to me? 
Happiness to me means being content with what I have and living each day to the fullest potential because I  am not guaranteed tomorrow. Happiness isn't a thing, a person or a gesture. Happiness to me is an every day journey of trying to be the best person I can be & be happy doing it. Happiness means something different to so many & I believe that is okay. My mom, my brother, my friend, my co-workers, we can all have a different view of what happiness is and still have great relationships.
I like being cheerful, smiling and enjoying every single day. Some people ask how I can be so happy or smiley all the time. To be completely honest, I don't know...I just am. I am not ALWAYS happy, I have bad days too. But I try to pick myself up, do something that makes me happy & move on.

The definition of happiness is: the state of being happy. Synonyms include: pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, cheerfulness, merriment, joy, delight, good spirits, enjoyment.

What makes ME happy? 
1. Doing random acts of kindness
2. Making those around me smile
3. Spending time with my family
4. Going hiking & spending time outside
5. Creating! I love to be creative
6. Making time for my girlfriends
7. Traveling to my favorite places
8. Laughing until it hurts

What do I see in others that makes ME happy?       
Seeing others stay positive & in good spirits in moments of darkness. It makes me realize that the little petty things that I may think are a big deal, are really nothing at all. Life is too  short to be worrying about what others think about me or if something bad is going to happen. 

I also love seeing others make people smile, it completely makes my day. 

I love watching the innocence of small children as they show love to one another. If we took a small lesson from these children, it would be to live each day and enjoy it with laughter and joy.

7 Ways to be HAPPY: 
1. Surround yourself with positive people and not just positive people, but those you can make you smile & laugh too!
2. Do something you enjoy. Do you love to golf, knit or ride bike. Do it!
3. Spend time outside & get fresh air
4. Listen to your favorite music. If you need to use some energy, get up & dance!
5. Try something new that you have always wanted to do!
6.  Random Acts of Kindness- Making someone smile always brightens  your day
7.  Find a quiet spot, your favorite blanket & read your favorite book

A few of my favorite Happiness quotes 
This is so true. When I grow up, I want to be Happy. Being happy is way more important than being rich. 

Make the most out of every single day!

Thank you so much for joining me today. I feel like this post was a long rambling of my thoughts, but it's me. It's real and it's what came to my mind about Choosing Happiness.

Next week's theme: Does your life purpose relate to Choosing Happiness?  What is your Happiness story for this week?  How do you teach or encourage your family members to Choose Happiness?

Would you like to JOIN ME?  YAY!

Here are a few rules: 
1. link to your specific blog post, not your blog’s main page.
2. please only link Happiness related posts.
3. please link back here to me so your Happiness posts make sense to your readers. 
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4. check out as many links as possible & leave comments!  

I know I will be inspired by so many of you, I guarantee you will be inspired too


  1. I hope you don't mind I share a little older post (ok only a week or two). But it's about being happy, and finding the joy in things. Looking forward to this weeks link up

    1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for joining up Adelina!!!! I look forward to you joining me too!


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